An Agent's Guide To Finding Quality Internet Insurance Leads

On this page I'm going to cover some tips and details when buying specific types of insurance leads online. I personally have found much more success with non-excusive lead sellers that sell very low volume so that is the angle these tips will cover. With that said I know several agents that had a good amount of success with exclusive insurance lead services and many of my suggestions here will still be relevant. As you read the tips below note how many of them come down to filtering. If I could give only one piece of advice to new agents buying leads online it would be to work with services that have great filtering and make sure your filters are optimized.

Annuity Leads
Finding a good source for quality annuity leads can be quite a challenge. Both indexed and fixed annuity leads are highly sought after but they aren't always the most clear cut leads in regards to generation. There are some companies that specifically offer annuity leads and others can be found by using filters within life insurance leads.

Auto Insurance Leads
Auto insurance leads are not nearly as difficult to find as some of the others. The most important factor when buying auto insurance leads is laser targeting potential clients with filters. Filters are a must to ensure that you don't spend money on leads that won't convert for you. In turn, you need to have a lead service that offers a good selection of available filters as well as custom filter options.

Final Expense / Burial Leads
Final Expense Leads are not generally directly offered by insurance lead services. However, the can typically be found using filters for life insurance leads. The typical final expense lead would be created by filtering the age field and the policy amount field as final expense leads are normally smaller policies requested by senior applicants.

Health Insurance Leads
Finding individual and group health insurance leads can be quite the task without a lead generation service. In fact, for many agents a lead service is vital to being a successful agent. If you are an agent this is something you probably already know which means the goal isn't to just buy leads but to find the best leads on the market. You need a service that will not only provide high quality leads but also one that will let you filter down to the specific leads you are looking for.

Home Owners Leads
Finding good home owners insurance leads is very similar to the process for auto insurance leads. The volume is there, but the key is finding a high quality lead service that not only provides a data packed lead in real time but also has a good set of filters in place as well as custom filter options.

Life Insurance Leads
Life insurance is a different ball game than some of the other insurance lead categories. People don't necessarily have to be in the market for life insurance which is not typically the case for other insurances. The real key for life insurance agents is getting face to face or on the phone with a captive audience. As any good agent knows the more information you have about the person you are speaking to the easier the sell will be. This is exactly why buying online life insurance leads is an excellent way to increase policies. Agents spend less time making the sell because they have interested parties and a good amount of information on them. While the above is true for general life insurance policies, targeted leads become a lot more critical when trying to sell specific types of life insurance. In this case having a good service and the right filters is just about the only way to get ahead.

Long Term Care ( LTC ) Leads
LTC insurance leads have very solid demand and are not the easiest to generate. However, long term care insurance is a market that is only going to get stronger as our population ages so now is as good of time as ever to get a foothold in this market. We've mentioned that good filtering is important to finding several types of leads, but never is it more critical than when generating Long Term Care Leads.